2017 Fall Winter

2017 Spring Summer
Cut and Paste  

2016 Fall Winter
Circle Circle  

2015 Spring Summer
Amorphous Lassie  

2014 Fall Winter

2014 Spring Summer

2013 Fall Winter

2013 Spring Summer
The Night Fall  

2012 Fall Winter
Static Motion  

2012 Spring Summer
A Beautiful Infection  

2011 Fall Winter
A Journey from Earth to Mars  

2011 Spring Summer
Superficial Surface  

2010 Fall Winter
DIANA - Romance in the Forest  


Launched in 2007, PLOTZ is a fashion project resulting from beyond excitement.

Passionate in detailed patchwork and color harmony. PLOTZ's design conveys a profound understanding in fabrics that turns to express the uniqueness of human bodies.

Apart from the original functionality of clothing, PLOTZ's philosophy is to make every piece of design alive. Not only the design serve one's basic needs, but also exceeds one' expection towards aesthetic, art and creativity.

PLOTZ creates new idea of fashion based on traditional tailoring and pattern cutting. With fine details and quality, PLOTZ caters to fashion lovers who desire for something extraordinary.

2012 Fall Winter Static Motion
Fashion label PLOTZ presents its latest collection for the season of 2012/13 Autumn/Winter, following the plot entitled Static Motion. The fast-paced rhythm of our city is captured gracefully in the hands of Hong Kong based designer Singchin Lo. The signature asymmetric and angular cut of fabric continues to blossom in the new series, with layering and pleated patterns of contrasting textures, giving rise to a ravishing allure.

PLOTZ has been carrying a highly characteristic style over the years since its establishment in 2007. The layering patterns and techniques in contrasting materials such as knits overlaying with chiffon have demonstrated the maturing skills of the designer. The bold and bright coloured geometric forms against sheer black fabric at first glance grabs one's attention to exploring the intriguing visual illusions brought upon by it. The mingling of a feathery and airy element certainly lifts the spirit up in the solitary and solemn winter seasons. Duo-coloured tights resembling a skirt is yet another interesting handling by Lo, alongside his persistence in challenging the way we perceive fashion on us.

But the black is not a mere background for the bright looks brighter. Various interwoven pleated and folded patterns are revealed as we look up-close into the black, like a whole new mysterious other world being unveiled. The new series is an elaborated, contemporary interpretation of lines and forms, with a touch of the retro look-back. Like its previous seasons, it imposes a bold statement attempting to push the boundary by transforming the 2-dimensional pattern into some 3-dimensional sculptural forms.

Like the fast passing-by cityscape we leave behind as we walk in the city, traces of light remain in our memory. It is as well a new landscape of its own awaiting our re-discovery if only we can pause for a moment, stand still and appreciate the beautiful of the city we are in.