2017 Fall Winter

2017 Spring Summer
Cut and Paste  

2016 Fall Winter
Circle Circle  

2015 Spring Summer
Amorphous Lassie  

2014 Fall Winter

2014 Spring Summer

2013 Fall Winter

2013 Spring Summer
The Night Fall  

2012 Fall Winter
Static Motion  

2012 Spring Summer
A Beautiful Infection  

2011 Fall Winter
A Journey from Earth to Mars  

2011 Spring Summer
Superficial Surface  

2010 Fall Winter
DIANA - Romance in the Forest  


Launched in 2007, PLOTZ is a fashion project resulting from beyond excitement.

Passionate in detailed patchwork and color harmony. PLOTZ's design conveys a profound understanding in fabrics that turns to express the uniqueness of human bodies.

Apart from the original functionality of clothing, PLOTZ's philosophy is to make every piece of design alive. Not only the design serve one's basic needs, but also exceeds one' expection towards aesthetic, art and creativity.

PLOTZ creates new idea of fashion based on traditional tailoring and pattern cutting. With fine details and quality, PLOTZ caters to fashion lovers who desire for something extraordinary.

2010 Fall Winter DIANA - Romance in the Forest
Diana is the goddess of the hunt, she is also the goddess of the moon. She is closely connected with the nature, as much as she is with the reflection of light. An enduring adventure deep in the forest, continuing a search for good while keeping a loving heart and respect with the nature. Diana's image is complex, nonetheless resembles the image of women in modern days.

By choosing to work with contrasting material of silk, cotton and spandex, combined with careful handling of complicated forms of ruffles and patterned with beads, the designer demonstrates a full-blown understanding of the materials through lines of detailed finishing. Fabrics have been the essence of his collections, while layering has been his strength. Silk chiffon is laid over ruffle-patterned black silk to give an exquisitely-styled top which wraps around one's figure so perfectly, transpiring an airy mysterious scent; the straps of beads around the shoulders resembles the bullets on the blouse of the huntress. There is a translucent fragility in its appearance but with the witty mix of materials and the choice of earthy tone bring out the essence of a tough and tall-standing silhouette. So light in texture yet so strong in its heroic shapes, the collection has shown a refinement which celebrates modern female glamour.