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A Journey from Earth to Mars  

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Launched in 2007, PLOTZ is a fashion project resulting from beyond excitement.

Passionate in detailed patchwork and color harmony. PLOTZ's design conveys a profound understanding in fabrics that turns to express the uniqueness of human bodies.

Apart from the original functionality of clothing, PLOTZ's philosophy is to make every piece of design alive. Not only the design serve one's basic needs, but also exceeds one' expection towards aesthetic, art and creativity.

PLOTZ creates new idea of fashion based on traditional tailoring and pattern cutting. With fine details and quality, PLOTZ caters to fashion lovers who desire for something extraordinary.

2011 Fall Winter A Journey from Earth to Mars
PLOTZ 2011 Fall/Winter Women's Collection
A Journey from Earth to Mars

A future that is closer than expected. Traveling to Mars is no longer a dream, it is as close as a 3-hour journey in a foreseeable future. When it happens, what scene awaits us there? PLOTZ presents a series of futuristic and modern styling in its 2011 Fall/Winter Women’s Collection, an imagination of what a girl may wear in the future when she travels to Mars.

We all have this impression of Mars through numerous novels and movies in the past decades. In Gustavus W. Pope's 1894 science fiction novel "Journey to Mars the Wonderful World: Its Beauty and Splendor; Its Mighty Races and Kingdoms; Its Final Doom", it describes that there are three human-like races on Pope's Mars: red, yellow, and blue Martians. From a modernistic and mysterious colour spectrum, Sing-chin Lo, designer of PLOTZ, wittily mingle the impression of the Red planet with a touch of warm grey and lime green, bringing a refreshing yet original line of fashion to his fans.

Like its previous seasons, the theme of this latest line aligns with the designer's belief in celebrating modern female glamour. This season also sees an interesting handling of the textile. Loaded with 3D-cut convex and ruffles forms and studded with a mix of cut-through and fringes which take their reference from the texture on mars and the gear of space fashion, a silhouette of a curious and adventurous female has come in action. The use of cotton not only enables a more sturdy look but also brings comfort and flexibility in its mix-and-match styling.

After the space odysseys visioned in the past century, 2011 sets another milestone in picturing the Red Planet out there - here comes a new definition of modernism in fashion, a new future in our vision.